Our Company

ReWater was founded in 1990 in Palo Alto and has tirelessly worked to provide legal greywater irrigation systems that meet the long-term needs of homeowners, building principals, and others constructing new residences with permanent landscapes. We sometimes work with those doing retrofits, but not often.

Our time-proven ReWater® systems range from simple to sophisticated, and back-up your irrigation program with potable water so you always get your irrigation demand met, even when you go on vacation. Some of our systems can be adapted to use harvested rain. All now come with our 5th generation controller.

We have tried to put everything we know on our website so you and your professionals can learn about our systems at your leisure. If you have questions about how one of our systems can help a specific project, please contact us.

Our over 20 years of design, manufacturing, plumbing, landscaping, and consulting experience takes the experimentation out of the water reuse process that you or your client’s landscape will rely on throughout its long life. We know what it takes to provide a completely viable, easy to use and maintain greywater irrigation system that will probably live as long as the landscape it irrigates. That is what we offer.

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