Multi Family

PDF of multi-family ReWater system

Why ReWater?

Our highly efficient, time proven, easy-to-use greywater filters and underground drip irrigation systems create a ReWater® system, which reuses up to 50% of all indoor water, reduces wastewater costs by up to 50%, virtually eliminates run-off pollution, helps satisfy LID requirements, and earns the owner a small fortune over the decades it will be in service.

Our highly efficient ReWater irrigation systems have proven themselves time and time again in nearly three decades of service for a long list of reputable clients. No other graywater company can honestly say anything even close to that.

If your project will irrigate, please call us at while it's still on paper and we can help you cost effectively reuse your water in the most effective and reliable greywater irrigation system in the world—the ReWater® System.

Don’t trust your expensive project to anything less.

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