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ReWater’s subsurface emitters are made especially for the underground use of greywater and do not clog from root intrusion or internal matter due to their patented design, US Patent #5,217,323.  They have the largest water orifice on the market (12 GPH).  Every time the pump comes on, a powerful cleansing surge sends any particulates through the emitter orifice into the air-gap and through the screen that interfaces with the soil.

Even post-filtration suspended solids and the solids caused by down-stream bio-accumulation, sometimes called scaling, can be passed into our emitters then out to the soil, where they are broken down by indigenous aerobic microbes into fulvic and humic acids, which are literally plant nutrients. The water and those nutrients are then absorbed by roots, thereby removing all the organic solids in greywater.  Contrast this process with a leach field, which only disposes of those solids deep in the soil, where only anaerobic microbes live, leaving the unbroken-down solids to line the interior walls of the leach fields and eventually clog up, causing expensive leach field replacement years later.


Another big problem with most underground drip irrigation emitters is root intrusion. To defeat root intrusion, our emitters have an air-gap separating the water orifice from a screen interface that separates the soil from the inside of the emitter.  When our system’s pump turns off, the resulting air-gap in the emitters blocks roots from growing up into the emitter orifice.  This screen lets the roots come inside the emitter body to feed on the water and nutrients, but once inside the emitter, the roots find their food, and become aqueous to better absorb the moisture and nutrients. They do not continue farther upwards towards the orifice due to the air gap. This process has been proven by the Center for Irrigation Technology at CSU Fresno, as required by the California greywater code, (Chapter 16 of the California Plumbing Code, formerly Appendix G) but also by real world experience of designing, building, installing, permitting, servicing, technical support, and consulting on this type of system since 1990.  We do not rely on chemicals or maintenance to keep our California-approved emitters working over the long haul.

No other emitter has been proven to work underground with greywater over a long period of time.  If some other manufacturer says their emitters will work underground with greywater, ask them to show you a system that has worked underground with greywater over a long period of time.

Other advantages of ReWater’s emitters in the soil is that they are safe from foot traffic, rakes, dogs, kids, lawn mowers, and other threats to sprinklers and conventional drip tubing.  Also, in the soil, none of your water is lost to evaporation, over-spray, or run-off, the three largest causes of water loss with sprinklers.

A series of photos demonstrating various uses of ReWater emitters:


Arizona and some other states allow the use of greywater in above-ground emitter systems. However, we have not found an above-ground emitter that does not require a lot of maintenance and/or replacement. While there are numerous types of drip emitters and tubing with in-line emitters on the market, only one type of emitter has been proven to our satisfaction to continuously function correctly without extensive and sometimes very expensive maintenance, above ground or underground, and that is the ReWater emitter. This is due to its 12 GPH orifice and the self-cleaning surging action of the pump in combination with the dosing action of the ReWater controller.

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