Irrigation System

Irrigation System

ReWater Systems (formerly C27 Landscape Contractor’s License #798547), once provided full landscape installation services to customers who purchased our systems. From our decades of hands-on experience, we understand landscaping is live art, and irrigation is how you keep that art blooming and green. Greywater irrigation is no different.

Installation of the ReWater® system is available anywhere in the world through a local plumber for the filter portion, and a landscaper for the irrigation portion. ReWater will help them to perform the quality of work required. We encourage them to watch our technical support videos , read our Owner’s Manual and Controller User’s Guide before calling with questions.


A high-quality irrigation system starts with a controller large enough to control the amount of valves needed for the micro-climates of your landscape, and the ability to compensate for environmental variables found on site such as shade and sun spots. A high-quality irrigation system eliminates run-off, a leading cause of water waste and of water pollution. Simply applying just the right amount of water where it’s needed makes a big difference in how much water is wasted. ReWater’s controllers can also support conventional irrigation methods, such as sprinklers and rotors.

Underground Drip


This exacting method of irrigation puts the water at the root zones of only the plants you want to irrigate. It doesn’t matter if it’s windy or sunny, the water goes where you want it.

Drip irrigation is well documented to save minimally 30% and up to 60% of your water, depending on wind and temperature. By placing drip emitters only on the plants you want to irrigate, you will optimize water usage while reducing over-spray, evaporation, run-off, and weed growth.

Underground drip component’s costs vary depending on your design. For example, if you install emitters only where you plant something, materials and water will cost less per square foot than if you install irrigation to water an entire area. The advantage to placing emitters under an entire area is it gives you the ability to add plants in the future without having to add emitters later on (but that’s the same wasteful principle as sprinklers).

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