Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

A ReWater symalibux800stem can be engineered to use harvested rain as the supplemental water supply for a standard ReWater greywater irrigation system, or it can be engineered to use rain as the only irrigation supply.  That supply system can also be engineered to provide backwash water for ReWater’s greywater filter.  That supply system can also be engineered to back itself up with pressurized fresh water in case it runs out of stored rain, thereby assuring you a permanent supply of irrigation water.  Each of those steps is different on every project, and every system is somewhat different than the next for various geographical, topographical, hydrological, irrigational, and/or horticultural reasons. Properly considering each step takes time, and time is money.  If you skip a step, you could well end up with a system that doesn’t work well, or only some of the time, or not at all.  ReWater provides turn-key systems.

Compared to a greywater irrigation system, rain harvesting systems cost a lot in engineering and storage, no matter how cost conscientious everyone is, thus their cost per gallon of water is much higher than with greywater.  This is because, unlike with greywater, with rain you have water when you don’t need it, thus it must be stored to be of use when you do need it, and with greywater, you have water whenever somebody is living at home.  Without a mandate to mitigate your run-off, the cost of that storage tank, its pre-filter, appurtenances, and installation usually makes the project too expensive for most people.

While nothing is greesm-rainwaterx800ner than a home with a rain harvesting ReWater irrigation system using greywater as its primary source of water, we can no longer discuss rain harvesting projects for free.  If you want ReWater’s assistance with a rain harvesting project, our consulting services are available for $200 per hour by contract and are not deductible from the cost of a ReWater system.

The 2008 LEED point system recognizes the value of a greywater irrigation system and gives up to 5 points for various aspects of ReWater’s standard greywater irrigation system.  LEED’s rating system also recognizes the value of rain harvesting/run-off pollution prevention and provides up to 7 more points for that type of system.  This means up to 12 points total for a rain harvesting ReWater system using greywater as its primary source of water.  You can’t get any greener!

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