Single-Family Model RWAF (Automatic Filter) Package


Single-Family Model RWAF (Automatic Filter) Package

This has been our most popular filter system due to its convenient automatically backwashing sand filter. It satisfies all codes, and is typically used where the home or small apartment building is completely plumbed for greywater use. Like all our filter packages, the tank should be sized for your anticipated greywater surge, and the pump should be upgraded for uphill and/or long and/or large irrigation runs. Consult our Owner’s Manual for details.

  • Price: $3,200.00

  • You must choose one. The correct tank is the one that will temporarily capture the greywater surge from your building without it overflowing to the sewer while the pump sends out water to irrigation.
  • You must choose one. The correct pump is one that will send water through all downstream apparatus, piping, valves, poly tubing, and emitters and still provide useable pressure at the farthest emitter on the irrigation network.
  • Mandatory Parts

    1 x BuIkhead Adapters, 2 @ 4″, 2 @ 2″, 2 @ 1/2″ +$150.00
    1 x 2″ Discharge Pipe w/ male adapter, & sweep +$40.00
    1 x 3-Way 2″ Tee Valve w/ 24 VAC actuator +$525.00
    1 x 19″ Filter Vessel wrapped fiberglass +$825.00
    1 x Filter Vessel Pipe Adapter +$89.00
    1 x 1.5″ Solenoid Valve nylon for backwash +$164.00
    1 x 2″ PVC Swing Check Valve +$65.00
    1 x Float Switch w/20′ Cable +$115.00
    1 x 3″ Backflow Valve w/ viewing port +$125.00
    1 x 1.5″ Solenoid Valve for irrigation supplement +$164.00
    1 x Pressure Regulator for 1.5″ supplement valve +$95.00
    1 x 1.5″ Reduced Pressure Principle Device +$825.00
    1 x Owner’s Operation & Design Manual (download) +$0.00
    1 x Caution, Nonpotable Water Do Not Drink stickers 25 +$15.00
    1 x 14″ Plastic Ties for securing pump & float wires, 3 +$3.00

  • $0.00

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