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SoCal’s most popular water recycling irrigation system with rain harvesting and total LID compliance for multi-family buildings for only $89,000 includes:

  All engineering by ReWater’s 30 years experience. We’ve done nothing but designed, built, and supported the installation of greywater and rain water irrigation systems that satisfy Low Impact Development (LID) requirements. Don’t pay some expensive PE or ME firm to learn how to do what we’ve been doing for over three decades.

  1,000 GPD ReWater® greywater self-cleaning filter. Our highly evolved proprietary filter systems are sized for each situation. Whether smaller, larger, or this same popular size, they provide proven, robust, cost effective, low maintenance operation for a very long time.

  8,000 gallon SRPE rain harvesting unit with pre-filter. City of LA listed for quick approval in So Cal, these tanks are extremely sturdy and easy to install. They come in all sizes for whatever your LID requirements might be.

  State-of-the-art commercial grade integrated controls. Our 5th Generation controllers filter and reuse greywater as it’s produced according to daily irrigation programs. They use stored rain after midnight if needed. And they use supplemental city water as an emergency backup. They have up to 21 irrigation stations and our NEMA 4 pump relay boxes control 115 – 230 VAC pumps, sized of course for your landscape.

  Supplemental fresh water backup with automation. Greywater is plentiful and is available every day, but huge landscapes may need even more water in peak summer. Our systems provide supplemental water as an emergency backup to any deficit in the day’s irrigation demand.

  Up to 25 hours of consultation. All buildings are unique. Every landscape is different. A water recycling system isn’t just about filtration, it’s about sustaining landscapes over decades to come. There are numerous factors in the equation, and we’ll keep you from learning the hard way.

  Plan set DWGs. Fitting a large tank or two with various filters and control units into the plumbing, electrical, and landscape drawings takes time. Our experts adapt your plan set to include everything the plan checkers and construction workers need to see.

  Construction documents and manuals. Downloadable documents and manuals mean your workers and eventually the owner can access help any time, anywhere. Site specific documents are produced for the owner’s construction people.

  Permit preparation, submittal, and permit obtained. We sponsored California’s first greywater irrigation law and subsequent laws and we stay on top of all permitting requirements. We’ve gone through the City of Los Angeles and County of Los Angeles process countless times.

  ReWater® 21-station Complete Controller. Our 5th Generation controllers have everything you need and want for both water recycling and high quality irrigation. With four independently operating programs, no landscape is too complex.

  Up to 4,000 sq ft of ReWater® irrigation. You may need more or less of our proprietary emitter system depending on your landscape. We include this amount so you’ll see a complete system price. Using graywater underground lowers maintenance costs and is legally required.

  Two site visits. Need somebody to come out and show the plumber how?  Want somebody who actually knows the codes to explain why some misinterpreted subsection isn’t relevant to what is happening on site? Or maybe just to come out and insure it’s all installed right? You’ve got it.

  System start-up. Our licensed commercial electrician has installed and started up dozens of ReWater controllers for clients ranging from people building their dream homes, to apartment buildings, to massive US Marine Corps barracks. It’s done right the first time.

  1-day owner training. Somebody will want to know how it all works and how to keep it working. Though our controllers are truly intuitive, and there are only a few items on our maintenance list, we’ll show you how to use it, and when to do it.

Every landscape is different, so every ReWater system is different. The system you need will be comparably priced. Click here to find out more!

Please call us at (805) 716-0104 to discover how easy it is to pull ReWater’s tried and true water recycling irrigation and LID compliance system off the shelf for your client!