Our Company

ReWater® was founded in 1990 in Palo Alto to help California meet its water needs through residential water reuse. In 1996, we moved to San Diego to help that city satisfy it’s one-of-a-kind federal water reuse mandate. In 2009 we moved to Thousand Oaks to better serve the entire state.

With a little start-up help in 2000 from Silicon Valley M&A giant Keith Petty, ReWater has tirelessly worked with the legislature, builders, architects and contractors to provide legal greywater irrigation systems that meet the long-term needs of homeowners, builders, and California’s future.

Time-proven systems

ReWater® systems have been in operation for three decades. They use greywater like an irrigation system is supposed to, and they back-up your irrigation program with potable water so your landscape receives irrigation even when you go on vacation. They come with our sophisticated but easy-to-use 5th generation controller, and can be adapted to harvest rain.

We tried to put everything we know on this website so you and your professionals can learn about our systems at your leisure. If you would like to know how one of our systems can help a specific project, or how we can help your design and construction team, please call us at (805) 716-0104.

Four other huge water projects delivering water to Southern California for culinary, agriculture, and landscape irrigation.
Other huge water projects clockwise from top left: Hoover Dam, the San Joaquin River delta, the California Aqueduct, and the L.A. Aqueduct.

Remove the guess work

Our three decades of R&D, design, manufacturing, permitting, plumbing, landscaping, and consulting experience takes the experimentation out of water reuse. No competitor can say anything like that.

We know what it takes to provide a completely viable, easy to use, easy to maintain greywater system that will live as long as the landscape it irrigates.  Give us a call at (805) 716-0104!

Our Founder

Stephen Bilson, founder and CEO, ReWater® Systems

Early adoption and activism

Stephen Bilson founded ReWater® Systems in Palo Alto in 1990. After working two years as a participant on the California Graywater Ad-Hoc Committee, Mr. Bilson sponsored Assembly Bill #3518, which passed unanimously and resulted in our nation’s first-of-its-kind state greywater irrigation law, California Water Code Section 14875 et seg.

In 1992, Steve Bilson received US Patent #5,217,323 on the greywater irrigation system that has evolved into what is now known as the ReWater® System. It’s still the only commercially available greywater irrigation system in the US that is legal in all states (Arizona now allows surface drip, so some other systems could be used there.)

In 1992-1994, he worked with virtually every local, regional, and state building safety and health protection agency in California to help write the first state greywater irrigation code for single-family systems, Appendix G of the California Plumbing Code (CPC). Since then, he’s worked with that same group and more pursuant to other legislation to improve the code several times and to include multi-family and commercial systems. The state graywater code is now Chapter 15 of the CPC.

Mr. Bilson has also been involved in other states’ efforts to legalize greywater irrigation.

Proprietary systems across the West

From 1990 until now, Steve Bilson has worked only on greywater irrigation related projects, ranging from simple residential systems saving a few hundred dollars in water annually to sophisticated commercial systems saving tens of thousands of dollars in water and tens of thousands of dollars in wastewater costs annually.

For years, he was the Responsible Managing Employee for ReWater®’s landscape contractor’s license #798547 and provided hands-on supervision of numerous residential and commercial landscaping projects all using greywater.

He is responsible for more permitted/legal greywater irrigation systems in California than everyone else combined. Along the way, he’s helped clients as philosophically diverse as the Natural Resources Defense Council to the US Marine Corps with landscapes as diverse as desert to almost tropical.

Building partnerships

Lately, this award winning innovator has been formally educating and consulting with architects, engineers, builders, plumbers, and landscaping professionals working on greywater-irrigated projects, sometimes backed up with harvested rain, across the arid West. Many of these single-family and multi-family projects are now LEED Platinum or Gold certified.

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