Water Recycling and Low Impact Development via irrigation for Architects and Engineers

If your project is in the Los Angeles basin and needs irrigation, you can satisfy both the greywater plumbing mandate and the Low Impact Development (LID) mandate with ReWater’s time-proven water recycling irrigation systems.


  100% Designed. Every ReWater® graywater and/or rain recycling irrigation system comes with over three decades of design expertise. We draw our system right into your plan set drawings for LID compliance. These are turn-key irrigation systems, not disposal systems masquerading as irrigation systems or a NASA priced water purification plant.


  Proven Filtration. Our highly evolved self-cleaning sand filters are sized for your project’s water recycling and landscape irrigation needs. All other filters – even NSF 350-Certified treatment systems – clog from the hair and lint in laundry, shower, tub, and lavatory water that is real greywater.


  Rain Storage. Our City of LA-listed tanks and pre-filters get approved quickly and make installation easy. We determine the size based on your LID requirements. Our tanks store enough rain for any sized apartment complex.


  Controls. Our 5th Generation controllers filter and reuse untreated greywater as it’s produced according to irrigation needs. They supplement with stored rain if required. And they clean our sand filter only as needed, so no water is wasted. With up to 21 irrigation stations, 4 irrigation programs, and 156 intuitive irrigation features, our controllers aren’t disposal controls modified for irrigation!


  City Water Back up. Greywater is plentiful and available every day. But if your landscape needs even more water in the peak of summer when the rain’s dried up, our systems provide supplemental city water as a third-tier backup. The hottest day in the longest drought will still receive irrigation!


  Consultation. Working with your professionals, we consider your building, topography, landscape, and LID needs to design the perfect system. We then put it all into your plan set to meet the City of Los Angeles’ LID mandate https://www.lacitysan.org/san/faces/wcnav_externalId/s-lsh-wwd-wp-lid-al?_adf.ctrl-state=1438i2jpmu_82&_afrLoop=17404467180652967#! or your own city’s LID mandate.


  Autocad 3-D DWGs. Fitting large tanks with various filters and control units into your plumbing, electrical, and landscape drawings takes knowledge and time. Our seasoned experts quickly amend your plan set to include everything the plan checkers and construction workers need to see in great detail.


  Permits. We prepare, submit, and obtain the permit for you. We sponsored California’s first greywater irrigation laws, helped write the codes, and we stay current. Our systems are quickly approved. Helping your project sail through the permit process is our job!


  Drip Irrigation. Untreated graywater is used underground in an approved drip system, which reduces your irrigation maintenance costs. No more broken sprinkler heads or ugly or ripped surface tubing! No more water spots on walls and windows!


  Site visits. Everyone’s subs need help on site now and then. When that time comes, you’ll want an expert who actually understands greywater, rain harvesting, plumbing, electrical, LID, landscaping, and irrigation to come help them. We have this covered for you.


  System Start-up and commissioning. Our licensed electricians have installed and started up dozens of ReWater’s systems for a range of clients. Whether you’re building a dream estate, apartment building, hotel, retirement facility, or military barracks, we start up our system for you!


  Owner Training. The owner will want to know how to operate the system after it’s installed and started up. In a 1-hour session, we show the owner’s agent how ReWater’s truly intuitive controllers operate and how the few items on our annual maintenance list are performed!


  Owners and Operating Manuals. Our manuals are downloadable in English and Spanish. Your workers and eventually the owner’s maintenance people can access information any time, anywhere.

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Just call us at (eight oh five) 716-0104 to learn how easy it is to pull ReWater’s tried and true water recycling irrigation LID compliance system off the shelf!