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This is ReWater

911 Foothill Drive, Beverly Hills, ReWater® system installed 2016

Greywater Irrigation Systems for Californians – evolved since 1990.

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ReWater’s proven system satisfies your irrigation, LID, sustainability, and budget goals.

“There’s a reason we’ve sold more greywater irrigation systems than all other companies combined. Let us help you sustain your beautiful landscape.”

Steve Bilson, CEO ReWater Systems

The original
irrigation system.

Greywater showers to flowers

The only system proven to work over the long term.

Save on water, wastewater treatment, and satisfy local mandates.

Apartment complex with traditional irrigation on top with small scraggly trees and greywater irrigation on bottom with large healthy trees
Casa Domingues in east Los Angeles county installed a ReWater® system in 2010 using city water on top and greywater on the bottom

Plants thrive on
abundant, nutrient-

Proprietary sub-surface irrigation for compliance and efficiency.

Conserve resources, save energy, reduce pollution, and more…

ReWater’s 5th Gen. Complete Control – the simple solution to water management.

ReWater only supports new construction