ReWater Systems is the only company in the US that makes legal greywater irrigation systems, whether backed up with rain or not, that have been proven by decades of experience at homes, apartments, barracks, and many other settings. If you want a professional grade system, you will want a ReWater® system.

Our systems are comprised of two parts, the filter package and the irrigation package. Part of determining which packages are right for you is understanding your building, its wastewater flows, and your landscaping needs. The only way we can accurately understand all of that is to spend time talking with you and your building professionals. On a single-family system, this usually doesn’t take long. On a mega-home, multi-family, or commercial project, where many professionals and contractors are involved, we can only provide that service when under contract.

Under contract, ReWater typically consults with your architect, civil and mechanical engineers, plumber, electrician, and landscape professionals, then integrates our system into your drawings, providing you with plan and details sheets that fit seamlessly into your other construction and permitting documents. On all of our automatic systems, we prepare our proprietary Code Compliance form to help your building and/or environmental health department issue a permit for your system. We’ll even obtain the permit on your behalf if under contract.

In new construction, a greywater irrigation system is always cost effective if you have sufficient landscaping to irrigate. In a LEED or other green building point system project, our greywater irrigation with rain harvesting systems will provide by far the most cost-effective points you can earn. About 85% of our clients currently have LEED projects. If your LEED AP isn’t up to speed on our system’s LEED values, please have them contact us and we’ll help them free of charge.