Low Impact Development (LID)

In most parts of California, if you’re building a new multi-family project or a new or remodeled single-family project with disruption to more than 25,000 square feet of property, you will encounter a Low Impact Development program.

A Low Impact Development (LID) program requires you to mitigate your rain run-off and its accompanying pollution. This can be accomplished in several ways but the most productive way is by reusing the rain.

Reuse the Rain

ReWater’s greywater irrigation systems are easily modified to reuse harvested rain as a supplemental water supply and thus satisfy LID requirements. By adding our Pump Relay Junction Box to our controller, stored rain is used to clean our greywater filter vessel and for a supplemental water source for irrigation. Temporarily storing rain keeps it from running off during rain events.

ReWater makes the only system that is proven to use untreated greywater and rain for irrigation to satisfy LID. If you’re looking to satisfy a jurisdiction’s LID requirement, ReWater’s LID compliance system is the Holy Grail. These systems back themselves up with city water for when the tank runs out of stored rain, thereby assuring irrigation when needed.

For this type of system, ReWater is retained to help you consider the hydraulic, soil, topography, and irrigation requirements for a rain harvesting greywater irrigation system. We’ll give you a price before you commit to site-specific design work http://box2149.temp.domains/~zgjcydmy/rewater/water-recycling/.

Our simple add-on pump relay junction box makes ReWater’s LID systems by far the most cost effective LID system on the market.

A 20,000 gallon rain tank about to be buried in the back yard of an entertainment industry celebrity’s backyard in Studio City. All you see these days is a green lid in a green oasis.

It’s a more complex system

ReWater offers consulting services by contract for such projects.

Lid of a buried rainwater collection tank.

Go LEED Platinum

The Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) point program recognizes the value of greywater and gives up to three points for various aspects of ReWater’s standard greywater irrigation system.

LEED’s rating system also recognizes the value of rain harvesting’s reuse and run-off pollution prevention values and provides even more points for that type of system, up to 12 total when combined with greywater. You can’t get any greener.

Compared to a similarly priced solar unit that will net you only 3 LEED points, it’s a screaming bargain.