Benefits for the Owner

A ReWater® system creates numerous benefits for the owner, including:

Lower Your Water Costs

By reusing the good water from inside a residence in ReWater’s system that has been proven to work by thousands of owners over decades, you save money every time someone showers, bathes, or does laundry. Over half of all indoor water can be reused. That water is then used 30% – 60% more efficiently in ReWater’s underground drip network. As water rates rise, and they rise every year, you save even more money with a ReWater® system!

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Reduce Your Wastewater Costs

By reusing half your indoor water, you keep that water from reaching the city’s sewage treatment plant. That reduces their energy and chemical costs and their discharges into the environment. Their savings are then reflected in your sewer bill.

If your residence will be on a septic system, reusing half your indoor water for irrigation preserves your expensive disposal fields or allows failing disposal fields to keep up with the rest of the wastewater flow. In most cases, this is enough to keep you from having to install an expensive new disposal field.

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Control Your Maintenance Expenses

You will reuse your greywater in underground drip irrigation. This eliminates broken sprinkler heads, the #1 cause of landscape maintenance expenses. Drip also eliminates sprinkler over-spray, which causes stucco to disintegrate, windows to spot and mortar between bricks to leach away.

Unlike high maintenance sewage disposal systems that other companies are selling as greywater irrigation systems, the ReWater system automatically cleans itself based on accumulated irrigation run-time. The only regular maintenance it needs is the sand replaced annually.

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Drone footage of Casa Dominguez  apartment complex in Los Angeles showing the results of city water (small trees) and greywater (large trees)
ReWater system installed at Casa Domingues apartment complex in 2010. Abode Communities.

Healthier Landscapes

Greywater is full of nutrients that plants love. As seen in this drone footage of a Los Angeles apartment complex using greywater since 2010, one half of their landscape uses greywater and one half uses city water. The greywater-irrigated side is far healthier than the city water side. Even better, by placing greywater at the roots of only the plants you want to irrigate, the healthier landscape has far less weeds.

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Quick Return on Investment

We live in a desert with tens of millions of other people who also use water. Water keeps getting more expensive. A ReWater System pays for itself quickly because it cost-effectively provides its own irrigation water in a highly efficient irrigation system that has been proven to work over the long term with greywater. If not enough greywater is produced on any day, our systems automatically supplement any balance of that day’s irrigation program at midnight with city water through our proprietary underground drip irrigation network.

Once your system pays for itself, it returns a profit. Use our cost/benefit analyses spreadsheet, to determine how much money you will save.

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Qualified for Federal Funding

A ReWater system reuses water, increases irrigation efficiency, reduces wastewater, eliminates irrigation run-off pollution, and reduces urban run-off pollution. Therefore, our systems pay for themselves extremely fast. Our systems also remove the majority of surfactants (surface acting agents) that are found in residential wastewater. Surfactants mimic female hormones and are an insidious threat to our water supply. Putting surfactants into the soil breaks them down, eliminating this documented threat to our precious water resources.

In 1998-2001, ReWater went through the US EPA’s low-interest State Revolving Fund loan program application process. They determined that our very robust, cost effective, proven systems qualify for their matching funds and other funding programs.