Choose a product to begin building your system. Pricing will be shown at the bottom of the page. *Due to severe product shortages and rapid price increases to us, prices quoted in this Store are only good for the day they are quoted.

Note that a complete ReWater® system consists of both a filter package and an irrigation package. These two packages are split here in our Store’s pricing pages so you have the option to buy the filter components when you need them early in the rough plumbing phase, and then the irrigation components when you need them later in the landscaping phase.

When you click “Submit”, a request will be sent to ReWater to begin the purchase process for the selected product and product options. This process includes email and/or phone conversations with ReWater about your filtration and irrigation requirements to insure you’re getting what you need.

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**Due to a WordPress problem that omitted one line of our Store’s pricing calculator, package prices calculated from 9/01/20 – 9/17/21 displayed $1,581 lower than the actual price. That issue is now resolved and package prices are again displaying accurately.

Filter packages

Irrigation and controller packages

When under contract, ReWater will prepare a ReWater® Code Compliance Form to help you obtain a permit. To complete that form, ReWater needs the following:

  1. A soil report for your project that explains the soil type and groundwater depth.
  2. A site plan (an existing plan can suffice) showing the following:
    • The greywater-producing building in relation to the property lines
    • Any notable topography changes on your site
    • The preferred location of the filter unit
    • The sewer and where the greywater tank overflow will connect to it
    • The potable water source connection
  3. An approximate irrigation plan and the approximate square footage to be greywater irrigated.

We will do the calculations and answer everything in the order found in Chapter 15 of the California Plumbing Code and create a new plan page for this system. You then attach the completed form and new plan page to your permit application, pay the city or county’s permit fee, and submit that package for a permit. Your plan checker/building inspector can follow along in their code book and find our answers in the order presented by the code. This makes obtaining a permit much easier.