A 2,000 gallon greywater surge tank going into one of six new barracks at USMC Base 29 Palms in 2013.

Multi-family / Commercial package

All ReWater systems operate on the same principle of capturing, filtering, and using greywater immediately as it’s produced, keeping it fresh and good for plants. This design principle also results in much smaller, far less expensive systems than our competitors. 

Each project has unique flows, topography, and irrigation requirements. But all have the potential for significant water reuse and wastewater reductions values, in most cases many times the cost of a ReWater system.

To discover how easy it is to specify a ReWater system into your project, call us at (805) 716-0104. We’ve helped install ReWater systems in multi-family/commercial projects from condos, apartment buildings, office buildings, barracks, to laundromats. We can help you with yours. 

Cost effective systems calculated here

Using the tool below, you can create a ReWater filter system that connects to any ReWater irrigation package to approximate the cost of your system. Our intent here is to show you how a ReWater system is tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars less than our competitors systems.


The correct tank temporarily captures the greywater surge from your building without it overflowing to the sewer while the system is irrigating.


225 gallon fiberglass surge tank, grommet material, and bolt-on HD fiberglass lid with 8 SS screws (Requires a lint interceptor on the greywater source pipe prior to the tank)


750 gallon non-traffic concrete two-chamber tank with 4″ inlet and outlet and two 24” risers, two pedestrian fiberglass lids, two 12” riser rings, and two lid attachment ring


1,000 gallon traffic-rated concrete two-chamber tank, with 4” inlet and outlet, two 24” risers, two traffic-rated steel lids, two 12” riser rings.


The correct sand filter can handle your maximum irrigation flow rate.


19” filter vessel wrapped fiberglass


21” filter vessel wrapped fiberglass


23” filter vessel wrapped fiberglass


The correct pump sends water through the filter and piping to the farthest emitter on the irrigation network at the correct pressure.


120 VAC 0.5 hp high-head efficient pump


200 VAC 1 hp ultra high-head efficient pump


208 VAC 1.5 hp high-head efficient pump


230 VAC 1.5 hp high-head efficient pump

Do you plan to integrate rain harvesting into your greywater system, or will your system be inspected by the City of Los Angeles or Los Angeles County?

Are you going to be capturing laundry water with your system?


1 x BuIkhead Adapters, 2 @ 4”, 2 @ 2”, 2 @ 1/2” +$149.00
1 x 2” Discharge Pipe w/ male adapter, & sweep +$40.00
1 x 3-Way 2” Tee Valve w/ 24 VAC actuator +$769.00
1 x Filter Vessel Pipe Adapter +$129.00
1 x 1.5” Solenoid Valve nylon for backwash +$235.00
1 x Pressure Regulator for 1.5″ backwash valve + $139.00
1 x 2” PVC Swing Check Valve +$95.00
1 x 2″ Springcheck Valve + $93.00
1 x Float Switch w/20” Cable +$135.00
1 x 3” Backflow Valve w/viewing port +$169.00
1 x 1.5” Solenoid Valve for irrigation supplement +$235.00
1 x Pressure Regulator for 1.5” supplement valve +$139.00
1 x 1.5” Reduced Pressure Principle Device +$1,589.00
1 x Owner’s Operation & Design Manual (download) +$0.00
1 x Caution, “Nonpotable Water. Do Not Drink” stickers 25 +$35.00
1 x 14” Plastic Ties for securing pump & float wires, 3 +$8.00