It’s a Complete System

Every ReWater® system works the same no matter its size and volume. Our system uses water as its produced indoors so it doesn’t sit and turn septic, uses it according to irrigation programs just like conventional controllers, spreads it uniformly across the programs so all areas get some, then supplements any balance of those programs – at midnight – with city water so you can go away on vacation with no worries.

Each system includes a self-cleaning sand filter package and our proprietary subsurface drip irrigation. All of it has been proven to work with graywater from over three decades of real world use. And, our systems have been improved from thoughtful evolution.

We offer single-family and multi-family/commercial filter packages for all types of residences.

We also offer a rain harvesting add-on for those who want to reuse their rain.

Irrigation by design

ReWater’s Complete Control™ controllers started with 100% of the features found in Toro’s Total Control™ then we added all the recycling features needed for greywater irrigation.

Our outdoor-rated controllers make low-maintenance water recycling possible and sophisticated irrigation easy.

Each of our irrigation packages comes with the right valves, tubing, emitters, and fittings you’ll need if you want a long-lasting system. You can rest easy knowing each component has been tested from decades of use with real greywater in real landscapes.

The guarantee of experience

ReWater’s systems have evolved from our three decades of experience with greywater irrigation, not sewage disposal or something else. Our systems will provide you many years of trustworthy irrigation.

Below is one example of what the filter portion of our system looks like when installed. There are countless iterations possible (see System Photos) given normal plumbing scenarios, building designs, and topography.

For a complete list of our system components, please visit our store.