ReWater Systems warranties its entire system to be free of manufacturing defects for two years. We will replace, free of charge, parts found to be defective under normal use and service within the warranty period.

Within the warranty periods stated above, return the suspect component to ReWater Systems postage prepaid and we will immediately assess and remedy the situation. If after discussing the problem with ReWater, ReWater determines that sending the suspect component to ReWater is not practical and the probability is that there is a warranty issue, arrangements may be made to have ReWater visit your site to analyze the situation. Once on site, if ReWater determines the problem is not a warranty issue, a service charge will be due.

Every ReWater controller is tested for 100% of each and every function before shipping and are shipped in perfect condition. ReWater will not be liable for improper installation that results in shorts and other electrical damage to the controller.

Plugging of the irrigation network is always a result of owner failure to properly maintain the filter system or from damage to the irrigation system in the field and is not covered by warranty. This warranty also does not cover plant loss or other such consequences due to the use of incompatible laundry products or other materials, or from improper installation, modifications, negligence, or non-approved operation. ReWater will not be responsible for other incidental or consequential damages or for parts or systems which have been altered, and our liability under this warranty is limited solely to replacing or repairing defective parts. No other express or implied warranty exists.