Single Family Systems

Save money and improve quality of life

Our self-cleaning greywater sand filter, proprietary controller, and underground drip irrigation systems conserve water and save you money!

Rain or shine, drought or not, the average single-family home produces about 56,000 gallons of greywater every year. Reuse this water you’ve already paid for and keep your garden green and blooming all year round.

Enjoy long, guilt-free showers knowing your showers are irrigating your flowers!

Time-proven reliability

The ReWater® System has been in use for over three decades. It’s the original Showers-to-Flowers™ system and the only system proven by a long track record.

A word about competitors –

There are now a number of sewage disposal and/or rain harvesting systems masquerading as “greywater irrigation systems”.

Their systems filter water to various degrees but all use conventional drip emitters that have tiny orifices only suitable for potable water or municipally treated wastewater.

No matter how finely the competition’s systems filter greywater, its microscopic solids combine with minerals in water to line the inside of pipes and tubing. After a couple of years, this lining starts “scaling” off, and those “scales” fatally clog their emitters.

No competitor can show you one of their systems that has been using actual greywater for more than a couple of years. What they show you are drip emitters that have been using municipally treated wastewater or rain, but neither have the clogging properties found in greywater.

The greywater irrigation industry is littered with now defunct companies that failed to create a viable system. Other companies are following them into history.