Multi-family Systems

An apartment building produces rivers of greywater, drought or not.

ReWater’s highly cost-effective, time proven, self-cleaning greywater filters and proprietary drip systems turn rivers into cash flows.

✓ Reuse up to 50% of the indoor water!

✓ Reduce irrigation bills up to 100%!

✓ Lower wastewater costs as much as 50%!

✓ Virtually eliminate run-off and satisfy LID requirements!

✓ Cost effectively satisfy loan covenants!

Stop paying to dispose of your greywater and stop buying irrigation water.

If your project has landscaping to irrigate, please call us while it’s still on paper. We can help you cost effectively reuse your water in the only proven greywater irrigation system—the ReWater® System.

Got a loan covenant to reuse greywater?

We’ve helped dozens of project principals cost effectively satisfy their loan covenants with our recycling irrigation systems. We can help you too.

ReWater, since 1990.

Our systems have proven themselves in nearly three decades of service for a long list of clients. Many are now repeat customers.

We won all the “firsts” decades before the highly advertised newcomers to this industry started calling their expensive sewage disposal packages greywater irrigation systems. 

Instead of a glitz blitz, we help every project come in on time, on budget, and to operate flawlessly for many years.

No other graywater company can honestly claim anything even close to ReWater’s well established record.

Don’t trust your project to anything less than ReWater Systems.