Our Controller

ReWater System’s Complete Control® –
the simple solution for complete water management.

The Complete Control family of hybrid models is proof that advanced-design controllers don’t have to be complicated, and that reusing water is easy.

Developed to meet a wide variety of sophisticated watering requirements, the easy-to-program Complete Control is available in 9, 12, 15, or 21 station models, all of which can be programmed with any number of stations using fresh or recycled water. Yes, it can control sprinklers too. Maximum programming flexibility is provided by four independent programs, 16 total start times per fresh water program, and a 365-day calendar for odd/even day scheduling, in addition to water-recycling features found in an easy drop-down menu.


A large, easy-to-read display and simple dial make operation fast and easy. And, Complete Control’s unique modular design ensures convenient on-site or remote programming, hassle-free station additions and upgrades, and immediate access for simple servicing. Plus, non-volatile memory holds the schedule indefinitely during power failures.

The Complete Control® uses your greywater as it’s produced, stopping and holding its place in the program if the tank runs dry, and returning to the program when water is available again. It will automatically supplement any balance of a program with fresh water at midnight, should you be away on vacation or just not have enough greywater that day, and will even stop using supplemental fresh water should you produce more greywater after midnight. It also controls all the filter’s functions. This is one smart controller!

  • Four fully independent programs that run concurrently. If you can imagine it, you can program it.
  • Water programming for days of the week, odd calendar days, even calendar days, and intervals from 1 to 30 days. Days of the week and calendar days can be combined for even more selective watering, meeting any water district’s conservation schedule demands.
  • 365-day calendars, with automatic compensation for leap year. The calendar is valid for 1997 to 2096.
  • Sixteen available start times for each fresh-water program. Perfect for slopes!
  • Start time stacking and overlap protection. Don’t worry about program schedules, just program it!
  • Freshwater station watering time from 0 minutes to 10 hours in 1-minute increments.
  • Self-diagnostic electronic circuit breaker that identifies and overrides faulty stations
  • Manual operations available by station and program
  • Sensor-switch ready for operation with any normally-closed rain switch device
  • Recycling station water time from 0 minutes to 1 hour, in programmable increments.
  • Independent program erase for each program.
  • Non-volatile memory that retains programmed information for up to 30 years in the event of a power failure.
  • Accurate time and date retention for power failures up to 90 days continuous via a 9-volt alkaline battery.
  • Water budgeting from 0 to 200% in 10% increments for each program. The fast way to adjust seasonally!
  • Rain delay programmable up to 7 days.
  • Compensate for rain while maximizing water reuse in arid climates!
  • Slide switch control provided for fast rain-switch sensor override
  • Automatic recycling filter backwash cycle, adjustable to accommodate various water pressures
  • Automatic freshwater supplementation for recycling stations, programmable on/off
  • Recycled water evenly distributed across all recycling stations via dosing, programmable

Easy operation

  • Automatic, semi-automatic, manual and timed-manual operation.
  • Modular design allows easy removal of control module without disturbing valve wiring.
  • Full-size terminal boards permit easy upgrades.
  • Valve test terminal provides easy valve identification
  • User-friendly, 10-position programming dial and large, easy-to-read display
  • 365-day clock/calendar for odd/even day programming.

Electrical specifications

  • Maximum output per station: 24 VAC, 5 amps
  • Maximum output to valves, 24 VAC, 1.25 amps.
  • Battery backup: 9-volt alkaline battery


  • Transformer input 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Transformer output 24 VAC, 1.67 Amps


Minimum mounting space needed is 19.5” tall x 12.5” wide, plus the cover swings open 10.5”


Height: 8.5”
Width 10.5”
Depth: 5”

Junction Box ( attached to controller )

Height: 4.5”
Width 4.625”
Depth: 2”

ReWater 220 VAC Pump Relay Junction Box

Both the single pump relay junction box (model RWJB1) and the double-pump relay junction box (model RWJB2) are 14” tall x 14” wide x 6” deep.

Minimum mounting space needed is 14” tall x 30” wide, plus the cover on the irrigation side swings open 10.5” when fully opened.