Retrofits and Remodels

Here’s why we usually only support new construction –

This is what greywater plumbing looks like coming out of the house before everything gets backfilled. An existing building's plumbing has none of that.

Greywater and sewer pipes about to be buried in new construction

#1. Greywater pipes can only be cost-effectively arranged during new construction.

  • As seen in this picture of a new residence construction, shower, tub, and bathroom sink drains are separated from the sewer pipes before they’re buried in concrete and/or under dirt. They’re virtually impossible to separate after construction.
  • Pipes in existing slab floors can never be tapped without cutting the slab, an extremely expensive endeavor.
  • Greywater from upstairs is mixed with toilet water before the pipe drops down the wall, rendering it all sewage.
  • The laundry is usually far from the showers/tubs, making it costly to capture both laundry and shower/bath greywater in one system. Laundry is 25% of your greywater.
Most existing homes already have an irrigation system in their landscape. Whether sprinklers, rotors, micro spray, or drip, it's not underground drip approved for untreated greywater.

Sprinklers waste 25% – 60% of the water you purchased

#2. Most existing homes already have a viable irrigation system.

  • It’s not practical, smart, or legal to retrofit greywater into an existing irrigation system. It’ll just make a smelly mess and eventually clog every type of existing irrigation system.
  • Even if you can capture enough greywater to justify the effort, most homeowners don’t want to buy another irrigation system if their existing irrigation already works.
  • Even if you can capture enough greywater AND you’re willing to buy a new irrigation system, established landscapes have to be torn up to install the underground drip irrigation required by law for greywater.
  • Altogether, retrofitting is just too expensive.
ReWater filter system about to be wired up to a ReWater controller

A ReWater filter system about to be wired up to a ReWater controller

#3. Retrofitting a greywater irrigation system requires numerous skill sets.

  • Plumbing expertise is required to retrofit plumbing inside the home. You’ll need a plumber.
  • Landscape and irrigation expertise is needed. Gardeners rarely have the skills required so you’ll need a licensed landscape contractor.
  • Every system has electrical requirements. A licensed electrician will keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • A homeowner who tries to provide all those skills sets themselves will usually make some expensive mistakes.

Is retaining ReWater right for you?

Everything you need to know about installing a ReWater system can be found for free at . We also offer free spec sheets and Youtube videos.

If you would like help retrofitting your home, please complete and sign this Contract for Consulting. Send it along with your retainer check to ReWater and we will then be able to help you with your project.

ReWater has been in the greywater irrigation industry since 1990 and is responsible for more greywater irrigation systems than all other manufacturers combined. We receive thousands of requests a year for help retrofitting systems, 99% of who can’t install a system for the reasons stated above. The only way we can remain in business is to help our clients.