LEED Points

The US Green Builders Council’s Leaders in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) point system recognizes the many values of a greywater irrigation system.

The USGBC gives up to five points for greywater. The USGBC also recognizes the value of rain harvesting/run-off pollution prevention and provides up to an additional seven points for qualifying systems.

The criteria for these points can be found in the sections on Sustainable Sites, pages 32-44; and Water Efficiency, pages 45-53. Follow the link below to access the document.

LEED Points version 4, July 25, 2020 (PDF)

We have seen that water reuse, efficient irrigation, run off mitigation, and pollution prevention points have consistently been the most cost effective LEED points on a project. We’ve worked on many LEED projects and can help you with yours.

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