Single-Family ReWater Automatic Filter System

This model RWAF is our most popular single-family filter system due to its convenient automatically backwashing sand filter.

This filter system satisfies all 2016 codes in California and most other states. Some jurisdictions still prefer this system due to its use of a reduced pressure principle device (RP) on the water supply that can’t be easily cross connected. It is typically used where the home or small apartment building is completely plumbed for greywater use.

Like all our filter packages, the tank should be sized for your anticipated greywater surge. Basically, it needs to capture the greywater only long enough for it to be run through our sand filter and used in our high-volume irrigation emitters. This avoids overflow to the sewer or the need for large tanks. It also keeps the water fresh. Please consult ReWater’s Owner’s Manual for details.

*Due to Covid 19 and rapidly rising materials costs, prices are only good for the day they’re quoted.


You must choose one. The correct tank is the one that will temporarily capture the maximum greywater “surge” when all your connected greywater fixtures are in use without overflowing to the sewer while the pump sends water out to irrigation.


Polyethylene Surge Tank 70 gallon w/ gasket material, buriable, and Structural Poly Bolt-on HD Lid with 6 SS Screws. City of Los Angeles Research Report #5311.


Polyethylene Surge Tank 110 gallon w/ gasket material, buriable, and Fiberglass Bolt-on HD Lid with 8 SS Screws. City of Los Angeles Research Report #5311.



21” filter vessel wrapped fiberglass. Outdoor rated. NSF approved.



120 VAC 1/2 hp 36 psi ultra high-head effluent pump. UL listed.


200 VAC 1 hp ultra high-head efficient pump. UL listed.


208 VAC 1.5 hp high-head efficient pump


230 VAC 1.5 hp high-head efficient pump

Do you plan to integrate rain harvesting into your greywater system? Will it be inspected by the City of Los Angeles or Los Angeles County? If either answer is yes, click here because you need more than a basic system.

Standard Components

1 x BuIkhead Adapters, 2 @ 4”, 2 @ 2”, 2 @ 1/2” +$150.00
1 x 2” Discharge Pipe w/ male adapter, & sweep +$40.00
1 x 3-Way 2” Tee Valve w/ 24 VAC actuator +$635.00
1 x Filter Vessel Pipe Adapter +$99.00
1 x 1.5” Solenoid Valve nylon for backwash +$177.00
1 x 2” PVC Swing Check Valve +$85.00
1 x Float Switch w/20” Cable +$125.00
1 x 3” Backflow Valve w/viewing port +$145.00
1 x 1.5” Solenoid Valve for irrigation supplement +$177.00
1 x Pressure Regulator for 1.5” supplement valve +$119.00
1 x 1.5” Reduced Pressure Principle Device +$1,429.00
1 x Owner’s Operation & Design Manual (download) +$0.00
1 x Caution, Nonpotable Water Do Not Drink stickers 25 +$15.00
1 x 14” Plastic Ties for securing pump & foat wires, 3 +$3.00