Model RWAS Irrigation System

Once you have a ReWater greywater filter package, you must attach a ReWater automatic irrigation system (RWAS) package to make a complete ReWater® System.

The following starter irrigation package contains the minimum amount of every component needed for a complete, legal greywater irrigation system for a small landscape (500-2,000 sq ft, depending on what you’re planting and its spacing).

Proprietary components may only be purchased through ReWater Systems with an irrigation package.

Note: ReWater far exceeds irrigation industry testing standards. The industry standard is to test 4% of a production run. We test every function on every ReWater controller before we ship it. You are guaranteed a perfect controller every time.

Low Pressure Greywater Approved 24 VAC Solenoid Valves




ReWater Complete Control RWCC3 9 station +$3,299.00

ReWater Complete Control RWCC3 12 station +$3,599.00

ReWater Complete Control RWCC3 15 station +$3,899.00

ReWater Complete Control RWCC3 21 station

ReWater Underground Emitters, box of 250

Only available through ReWater Systems with the purchase of an Irrigation Package. Each package contains 250 emitters




Polyethylene Tubing

16 mm

20 mm