Greywater Irrigation’s Numerous Benefits

Legal greywater irrigation provides numerous benefits. There are upstream and downstream environmental benefits. And savings on water and wastewater delivery and treatment. How about becoming immune to water restrictions? Or the all important benefit of knowing your home is a Showers-to-Flowers perpetual water machine. From what people have told us over our 32 years of helping them reuse greywater for irrigation, here are the top eight benefits:

1) 50% of all water from inside your home is reused. This is old information but certainly worth mentioning again. 2) That water is then used 25%-60% more efficiently than in sprinklers. And the drip process doesn’t stain your windows, walls, and fences. 3) That’s the same amount of water needed to irrigate an average home landscape. If you have a large landscape, it will keep you in a lower price tier too. 4) You are immune to water restrictions in your landscape. Even the most draconian restrictions can’t make you stop showering. 5) Adsorption is a proven, affordable way to mitigate the gender-bending surfactants in laundry products. Gender benders turn boys into girls. 6) 19% of all energy in California goes to simply pumping water, but greywater is already on site. Imagine how much carbon is kept out of the air… 7) The savings from not having to treat graywater like sewage pays for the entire system. This is the “big picture” solution to rising water and wastewater costs. 8) Finally, but first in the hearts of everyone who’s had the pleasure of a ReWater system, taking long guilt-free showers.

Legal greywater irrigation provides many more benefits too. For more detail, please visit and

In the 32 years of ReWater, we’ve seen at least five declared droughts and water prices permanently triple in California. Had you installed a full house greywater system when your home was new, you’d have paid for it by now and be making a profit. If you’re about to build a new home, now is the time to build it correctly and not regret it every time a “drought” hits. Rain or shine, drought, dry cycle, climate change, whatever, graywater reuse always pays off over time. And imagine the feeling of standing in the shower knowing your water is going to your landscape. Let’s talk about guilt free living. Give us a call before you build!